Sunday, June 12, 2016

An OPNO Family-Style Ramadan: Paper Star (and moon) Decorations

My kids are much too small for fasting, but they like to be involved in Ramadan nonetheless. I do like to have them think of iftars and suhoor meals as special (so they get an occasional treat) but I don't like the Khaleeji way of Ramadan being so much about food (preparing it, cooking it, eating it, thinking about it). Ramadan issupposed to be about prayer, charity, being the best self one can be, studying religion, helping others... So, I like them to think about it. One thing my kids like to do is do a craft project to decorate the house for the people coming back from Taraweeah prayer. I want them to think about Taraweeah as a special thing for the grown up/bigger kids to do.
One of the easiest projects for my kids are paper star decorations (the five year old can cut), the two year old can choose the colours and tell us where to hang things and wreak havoc with glitter. Sometimes I pre-cut and pre-hold punch so he can try to string them. I do the taping and gluing and hanging I guess. They really enjoy themselves and feel like they are participating. Also, my kids are mixie (i.e. they have non-Muslim grandparents, so thus, they don't feel like Christmas is way more awesome in terms of decor---although they still think we should have Christmas trees for Eid lol, not that they get the pagan significance to the evergreen for Yule, but nonetheless, I agree, those look pretty).
I also take them to see all the decorations and window displays at the malls and as a family we vote on our favourite one. It is always interesting to hear a five year old's reason why she chose a particular design and its significance to her.

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